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Anarcha's Legacy

Posted by GHO Admin on February 6, 2018 in Events

Date: Fri. Feb. 23, 2018 @ 7 - 9 PM
Location: Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Women's Health Organization International (WHOI) in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, welcomes you to: Anarcha's Legacy, the untold story of Anarcha, a slave woman who was the victim of brutal medical experimentation all in the name of finding a cure for fistula.

This live art show will commemorate Anarcha, of the Wescott plantation in Alabama, who suffered from fistula in the 1800's and was subjected to inhumane medical procedures at the hands of Dr. James Marion Sims, known to many as the 'father of modern gynecology.'

The event will bring to light the stories of Anarcha and other black female slaves who were denied reproductive justice and quality maternal health care. The art show will draw particular attention to the plight of fistula patients today, many of whom suffer silently and live in isolation with this condition for decades, or until death.

Local artist, Kim Cain, will produce two pieces on site during the event. Her artwork will be an embodiment of the tragedy to which Anarcha was subjected in the name of medical advancement and the devastation that is currently experienced by the millions of girls and women worldwide who are living with fistula. #EndFistula

For more information and tickets please visit the Anarcha's Legacy Eventbrite page.