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Call for Submissions: DoctorsNS Magazine

Posted by GHO Admin on June 6, 2018 in News

Submission Deadline: June 27, 2018

This September, Doctors Nova Scotia is trying to fit in as many student voices as possible into their “Back to School” issue of doctorsNS magazine. This issue of the magazine is distributed to all first-year medical students, and they want to highlight opportunities for medical students to have interesting, educational experiences outside of the classroom. 

Interested students are encouraged to submit short pitches (100 to 150 words) that answer the “5 Ws”, as well as the name of the program/initiative and a URL or email address for more information. Students should also include their year of study (e.g., Med 2) and specialty, if they have one.

For more information or to submit an idea please contact: Austen Gilliland