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Lunch Concert and Fundraiser: NSGA

Posted by GHO Admin on February 25, 2019 in Events

Date: April 6, 2019 @ 12:30 PM
Location: McInnes Room, Dalhousie Student Union Building, University Ave.

The Nova Scotia Gambia Association (NSGA) invites you to attend their annual lunch Concert and fundraiser.

Join them as they honour the 17 year support of Halifax West High School's World Involvement Committee and enojoy one of the brightest voices in Canadian pop music!

Event includes Silent Auction, Lifetime support award and Music by Maura Whitman.

The Nova Scotia Gambia Association is one of Nova Scotia’s oldest NGO that works overseas (35 years!). NSGA has been a pioneer in training adolescents to be peer educators around issues of physical and sexual health and has a demonstrated ability to reach rural communities far and wide throughout the Gambia. In view of that, last fall, UNICEF asked the NSGA to lead a project to eliminate the widespread practice of female genital mutilation (FGM or female circumcision).

NSGA is the regular recipient of funding to tackle specific issues like this, malaria prevention, early pregnancy etc. However, THEY NEED YOUR HELP.

Roughly 20 full-time staff manage hundreds of volunteers and they cannot survive based on the ebb and flow of specific project grants, no matter how important. The Dalhousie University community in particular have been essential to NSGA’s strength and continuity and many in the community have contributed and benefited personally by being involved with the NSGA as students.

Tickets: $60 each ($40 tax receipt) - tables of 8 available

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