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Call for Nominations: CanWaCH's Public Engagement Working Group

Posted by GHO Admin on April 15, 2019 in Events

Nomination Deadline: April 15, 2019

Join CanWaCH's Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG) and help build awareness of Canadian leadership in global health!

The mandate of the Public Engagement Working Group is to: 

1. Provide input into CanWaCH Public Engagement coordination efforts, such that the Partnership strengthens the ability, and amplifies the voice, of our partners to engage the Canadian public and build greater awareness of the importance of investment in women and children’s health globally. This includes providing advice and support towards:

CanWaCH’s efforts to monitor, support and share partner public engagement activities within the Partnership and to target audiences; and,

  • Identification of key milestones and opportunities for the Partnership to collectively strengthen those activities.

2. Provide review, expertise and advice on the CanWaCH Public Engagement Initiative/Campaign to be launched in 2017. This includes review and feedback on products produced by CanWaCH and contractors as part of this campaign, such as:

  • In-depth research and analysis on target audiences’ behaviour (concerns, issues, beliefs, mindset) as it relates to international development assistance with a particular focus on women and children’s health;
  • Content, including key messages, Q&As, tool-kits, social media assets and more to align the Partnership behind a common platform to influence Canadian public’s engagement and behaviours in relation to investment in women and children’s health globally;
  • Execution guides that will enable CanWaCH partners, regardless of internal capacity, to deliver on their public engagement mandates; and,
  • Media outreach conducted as part of the CanWaCH Public Engagement Initiative.

3. Provide advice on measuring and reporting on the success of public engagement activities by CanWaCH and its partners.

4. Provide input to the CanWaCH Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Working Group (SEPWG) on the reporting and results of public engagement activities and by CanWaCH and its partners to government stakeholders.

5. Provide support and awareness for CanWaCH public engagement coordination and campaign initiatives within the Partnership by acting as public engagement ‘ambassadors’ within the Partnership.

For more information please visit the working group website.