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New life awaits your used iPad: Department of Anesthesia

Posted by GHO Admin on September 23, 2019 in Events

Date: Ongoing
Location: room 231-C, 10 West Victoria Building

Do you have an iPad you would be willing to donate to support training in low-resource settings?

The Department of Anesthesia is collecting used iPads to support simulation equipment needs for the Vital Anesthesia Simulation Training (VAST) course.

This three-day course provides an immersive multidisciplinary simulation-based experience that focuses on the core aspects of safe anesthesia practice in district hospitals resource-limited areas. The course uses simple, easily portable materials. Two paired iPads are used with SimMon software to replicate patient monitoring. For more information, visit

If you have a used iPad that’s looking for a new home, please consider donating it to the Department of Anesthesia Global Health office so it can have a second life helping with anesthesia training around the world.

Please drop the iPads off to the Global Health Coordinator (, room 231-C, 10 West Victoria Building. If it is difficult to get to the office, just email or call 902.473.5428 and we will coordinate an exchange.