ACLS It is mandatory that all PGY1s complete an ACLS course prior to your arrival to start training and proof be provided to the Postgraduate Office. You may be required to participate in running arrest codes and not having ACLS may inhibit your ability to attend your assigned rotations. 

You will need to send a copy of your card along if you have it or upon completion of the course.

Dalhousie does not provide reimbursement for this course.  For your information, on-line ACLS courses are not deemed acceptable. 

Those without ACLS will be reported to their Program Director and a waiver from your program director will be required to permit you to commence training.

If you are searching for an ACLS course in your area, consult with your Undergraduate or Postgraduate offices or try your local Heart and Stroke or local hospitals. 

Don’t wait to arrange for an ACLS course, start looking now for a course being offered in your area. 

If you are unable to find a course by May you can contact Darryl Chickness in Halifax or go to their website  to inform you of upcoming courses.