Biobank Research

Types of samples

Available specimens include tissue from biopsies or surgeries, blood, and other biological fluids. To learn about the available specimens, please see Regional Biobanks for more information.

Types of data

Information from the medical record, including:

  • Diagnosis
  • Response to therapy
  • Genetic markers


The Atlantic Canada Biobank, the ACBC resources are available to researchers worldwide, subject to our approval process.

Study review criteria

The following criteria are considered in the application review:

  • Number of subject and type/amount of sample required
  • Overlap with active projects
  • Documentation of project approval by the researcher's own institutional Research Ethics Board.


For more information, Contact Us.

Current Biobank Research Projects

Research Principal Investigator
Molecular subtyping of triple negative breast cancer and African ancestry-related immunogenicity Dr. Gregory Knapp
Defining the mechanism of ALDH1A3 in breast cancer for the identification of novel therapeutic targets Dr. Paola Marcato
Downstream effectors of serine biosynthesis pathway metabolites as novel targets in triple negative breast cancer Dr. Patrick Murphy
Expression of Major Enzymes involved in NAD+ Synthesis by immunohistochemistry in Patient with Multiple Myeloma. Dr. Mahboubeh Rahmani