QEII Thoracic Imaging

Specializing in lung disorders

The radiologists in the section of thoracic imaging, use CAT scans, MRI and X-Rays to evaluate the chest including the lungs, the airways, the pleura and the mediastinum.  Our physicians have completed specialized post residency training in thoracic radiology.  Our core section, at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, performs more chest imaging than any other department in Nova Scotia.

Providing excellence in patient care

From pulmonary embolism to lung cancer and everything in between we demand the best for our patients with state of the art imaging and ultra low dose protocols.  Our initiatives to improve patient education, reduce unnecessary radiation and ensure patients receive the follow up they need are making an impact on care in Nova Scotia.

Preparing residents for the real world

Whether going into community practice right after graduation or pursing post graduate subspecialization, our residents graduate knowing they are prepared for independent practice. The most complex lung cancer and interstitial lung disease cases in the province are reviewed right here.  Residents benefit from participation in our regular multidisciplinary rounds where we work as a team with surgeons, oncologists, respirologists and pathologists to make critical decisions for patient care.  For residents interested in a more academic career, we offer programs to supervise and mentor residents through research projects, conference presentations and journal publications.

Using our expertise for advocacy

As current or past executive members of provincial and national organizations, we have made our voices heard.  From crafting national patient care guidelines to regulating residency training in Canada, our goals are to ensure Canadians, and in particular, Nova Scotians, have the best access to the most advanced medical imaging and that our trainees benefit from the best preparation possible.

Educating our community

Our thoracic radiologists consistently lecture at the largest radiology continuing medical education events in North America and our print-based and digital educational initiatives have won many national and international awards. 

In conjunction with the section of cardiac imaging, we nurture one post graduate fellow a year in a true combined comprehensive cardiothoracic fellowship.

Asking questions and solving problems

With grants from the Lung Association of Nova Scotia, Dalhousie Living Laboratory, Capital Health Research Fund, Dalhousie Radiology Research Foundation and the Beatrice Hunter Cancer Institute, our current research interests include novel methods of resident evaluation, early detection of lung cancer, and practical safe management of lung nodules.

Faculty members