Our departments has four major awards to recognize faculty for their continued dedication to quality teaching, performance and research.

Resident Teaching Award:

This award is giving by the graduation radiology class to a staff member who they have identified as an Outstanding Educator. It is always a challenging decision for the residents and given the numerous excellent candidates, the award is often shared.

Department Head’s Teaching Impact Award:

This award recognizes a faculty member (based on resident evaluations) who ‘stepped up to the challenge of improving the impact of their teaching.

Department Head’s Outstanding Faculty List :

This list is to acknowledge radiologists who are in the top 10% .

2014-2015: Dr. James Clarke, Dr. Andreu Costa, Dr. William Maloney, Dr. Daria Manos, Dr. Michael Mitchell and Dr. Kathleen O’Brien

2013-2014: Dr. Sian Iles, Dr. Daria Manos, Dr. Michael Mitchell, Dr. Brian Psooey, Dr. Matthias Schmidt and Dr. Robert Vandorpe

Lo Prize

The prize is announced at our annual Research Day conference with nominees from the Radiology Research Committee recognizing  investigators for their exception research effort.