QEII Abdominal Imaging

Patient–Centered Imaging

Our Education

The Abdominal Imaging Section provides didactic and hands on training to Diagnostic Radiology residents.  Members of the section also provide didactic teaching and tutoring to medical students and residents specializing in other areas of medicine and surgery.

The Abdominal Imaging section offers a yearly fellowship.  The fellows are primarily supervised and trained by members of the Abdominal Imaging section. One of the goals of the fellowship is to increase fellows’ exposure to advanced imaging in CT and MRI.

The Abdominal Imaging section is involved in several Multidisciplinary Rounds and contributes to the education of a large number of medical personel through these interaction.

Members of the Abdominal Imaging section have been recognized for their contribution to education and have received Teacher of the Year and Distinguished Faculty List awards on several occasions over the past decade.

Our Research

Unique to the section of Abdominal Imaging is the presence of a Clinician-Scientist,  Dr. Sharon Clarke.  Dr. Clarke and other members of the Abdominal Imaging section have received a number of local and federal research grants for work in liver disease and oncology.  3T MRI has provided and additional opportunity for basic science and clinical research within the field of Abdominal Imaging.

Our Clinical Care

Radiologists in the Abdominal Imaging section provide services in fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT and MRI and have expertise in the wide range of diseases which originate or affect structures in the abdomen or pelvis.  Recent addition of 3T MRI has provided a tool which allows better detection and staging of diseases, particularly those which occur within the pelvis.

Faculty members