QEII Cardiac Radiology

Patient–Centered Imaging

Our staff

The cardiac imaging section has five faculty radiologists. All of whom have completed specialized post radiology residency training in cardiac imaging.

Our teaching

We have excellent working relationships with the Divisions of Cardiology and Cardiovascular surgery as well as the IWK Health Centre.

Our section provides a four week cardiac imaging rotation for the radiology, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery residency programs at Dalhousie. Additionally there are 28 core didactic cardiac lectures offered over a two year cycle.

All of the cardiology and cardiac surgery residents are initially trained by radiology in diagnostic cardiac catheterization as part separate 4  week rotations.

Our fellowships

In conjunction with the thoracic section, the cardiac section has been coordinating a one-year combined chest and cardiac fellowship now in its 4th year.

Our research

The section is presently participating in the Alliance Cohort study. We are presently performing the MRI studies on 600 of the volunteers already enrolled in the APATH cohort natural history study at Dalhousie University. We also participate in the Compass Trial (COMPASS - Cardiovascular OutcoMes for People using Anticoagulation StrategieS).

Our consultation rounds

The section presents all of the patient imaging at the weekly Cardiology - C/V Surgery work rounds and all of the patient imaging at the monthly Pediatric – Adult congenital work rounds. We present all of the interesting Cardiac CT and MRI imaging to its members at weekly  image review rounds. We also have bi-weekly TAVI working rounds.

Our call

There is a cardiac radiologist scheduled as on call for the QEll every day of the year.

Our patients

The patient demographic areas are pre and post-operative adult congenital and acquired heart diseases. Primarily for Nova Scotia patients but act as consultants for all of the Atlantic Provinces.

Our equipment

The section has access to the and uses the following equipment:

  1. Dual source EKG gated flash mode Sensation 64 slice CT scanner from Siemen’s and a 64 slice Gated Scanner form GE.
  2. 2    X   1.5 T MRI scanners by GE with EKG gating and cardiac coils
  3. 3T MRI scanner by GE with EKG gating and cardiac coils
  4. PET CT by GE and a cyclotron
  5. Cardiac Nuclear medicine
  6. 6 cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs in collaboration with the division of cardiology

Faculty members