Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking

Critical thinking lives here

Looking for a program to help you:
- discuss basic theories of learning and teaching methods in medicine and apply them to your clinical and/or non-clinical teaching;
- identify opportunities for teaching and assessing critical thinking and develop specific strategies for use in clinical and non-clinical settings; and
- reflect on your own teaching and develop a plan for assessing, monitoring, and developing your capacity to teach and evaluate critical thinking in learners?

Then this program may be for you!

Teaching and Assessing Critical Thinking (TACT) is a two-part program offered by Faculty Development since Fall 2014. The program is designed for Dalhousie Medical School faculty who teach in a clinical setting and is offered through a distributed format.

Find out more about TACT - Updated Oct 22, 2020 [PDF - 826 KB]

Upcoming courses

TACT Phase 2: January 25- March 29, 2022 | More information here



TACT Graduates

Congratulations to the graduates of TACT!

(Phase indicated in brackets)

Dalhousie University 

Dr. Shahram Abootalebi, Fredericton (1 & 2)
Dr. Betul Akbuga-Ozel, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Olubukola Akindele, Halifax (1)
Dr. James Andrews, Quispamsis (1)
Dr. Michael Armitage, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Alice Aylott, Halifax (1)
Dr. Lori Beach, Halifax (1)
Dr. Lorri Beatty, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Sebastian Benaya, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Emily Biden, Moncton (1)
Dr. Katharine Black, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Lisa Bonang, Musquodobit Harbour (1 & 2)
Dr. Aileen Brunet, Halifax (1 & 2) 
Dr. Keith Brunt, Saint John (1)
Judith Buchanan, Rothesay (1)
Dr. Brian Burke, Windsor (1)
Dr. Laura Callaghan, Halifax (1)
Dr. Holly Campbell, Saint John (1)
Dr. Natalie Cheng, Dartmouth (1)
Dr. Lori Connors, Halifax (1)
Dr. Beata Derfalvi, Halifax (1)
Dr. Jeff Dempster, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Natasha DeSousa, Saint John (1)
Dr. Aaron Digby, Frederiction (1)
Dr. Sarah Dyack, Halifax (1)
Dr. Jennifer Foster, Halifax (1)
Dr. Katie Gardner, Halifax (1)
Dr. Mark Gilbert, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Yang Gu, Halifax (1)
Dr. David Haase, Halifax (1)
Dr. Caroline Hancock, Annapolis Royal (1)
Dr. Helena Hauman, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Alyson Holland, Halifax (1)
Dr. Joanna Holland, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Erica Holloway, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Denise Hollway, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Kristen Holm, Halifax (1)
Dr. Liane Johnson, Halifax (1)
Dr. Lynn Johnston, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Bronwen Jones, Halifax (1)
Dr. Douglas Keeling, Rothesay (1) 
Dr. Anne Marie Krueger-Naug, Halifax (1)
Dr. Ketan Kulkarni, Halifax (1)
Dr. Himank Kumar, Halifax (1)
Dr. Claudia Lamchstein, Saint John (1 & 2) 
Dr. Christos Lioupis, Moncton (1)
Dr. Zaiping Liu, Halifax (1) 
Dr. Andrew Lynk, Halifax (1)
Dr. Ian MacDonald, Fredericton (1)
Dr. Jeff MacDougall, Charlottetown (1)
Dr. Peter MacKean, Kensington (1 & 2)
Dr. Eugene Mah, Miramichi (1 & 2)
Dr. Sarah Manos, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Emily Maxan, Saint John (1)
Dr. Dolores Mckeen, Halifax (1) 
Dr. David Mensink, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Ross Morton, Kiersteadville (1 & 2)
Dr. Cheryl Murphy, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Anna Neumann, Bedford (1)
Dr. Postuma Odette, Saint John (1)
Dr. Oluwasayo Olatunde, Moncton (1 & 2)
Dr. Deborah Parker, Halifax (1)
Dr. Gwynedd Pickett, Halifax (1)
Dr. John Prendergast, Fredericton (1 & 2)
Dr. Alexandra Preston, Dartmouth (1)
Dr. Andrea Rideout, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Nancy Robertson, Bedford (1)
Dr. Erica Schollenberg, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Tracy Scott, Halifax (1)
Dr. Vanessa Sherwood, Halifax (1)
Dr. Parvinder Sodhi, Halifax (1)
Dr. Lourdes Soto, Westphal (1)
Dr. Wendy Stewart, Saint John (1 & 2) 
Dr. Tania Sullivan, Antigonish (1 & 2)
Dr. Colin Sutton, Halifax (1)
Dr. Joanne Talbot, Saint John (1)
Dr. Scott Theriault, Halifax (1 & 2)
Laura Thomas, Glen Haven (1)
Dr. Anne Timms, Rothesay (1)
Dr. Maia von Maltzahn, Halifax (1)
Dr. Julie Williams, Halifax (1)
Dr. Geoff Williams, Halifax (1)
Dr. Lori Wood, Halifax (1 & 2)
Dr. Kenny Yee, Barrington Passage (1 & 2)




Gene Benoit, BC (1)
Dr. Anthony Carr, SK (1)
Dr. Aaron Cass, BC (1)
Dr. Vicki Cattell, SK (1)
Prabhjot Dhillon, AB (1 & 2)
Joy Durand, NS (1)
Natalie Labelle, ON (1 & 2)
Tona Laerz, AB (1 & 2)
Dr. Sheena Manning, BC (1 & 2)
Dr. Michelle McTimoney, AB (1 & 2)
Katie Scott, AB (1 & 2)
Dr. Leeor Sommer, TO (1) 
Dr. Francine Tessier, BC (1)
Dr. Mohieddin Traboulsi, AB (1)


Dr. Melchor Sanchez, CDMX 

New Zealand 

Dr. Lynn McBain, WLG (1) 

United Kingdom

Dr. Andrew Bogacz, SCT (1 & 2)
Dr. James Boyle, SCT (1)
Dr. Jules Brown, ENG (1 & 2)
Dr. Russell Duncan, SCT (1 & 2)
Dr. Paul Frost, WAL (1 & 2)
Dr. Chris Hingston, WAL (1 & 2)
Dr. Tom Holmes, WAL (1)
Dr. Martin Hughes, SCT (1)
Dr. Alexandra Rice, SCT (1)
Dr. Susie Roy, SCT (1)
Dr. Toni Saad, WAL (1)
Dr. Shiva Sreenivasan, NIR (1 & 2)
Dr. Nicola Ubayasiri, ENG (1)
Dr. Daniel Wallis, ENG(1)

United States of America

Dr. Benjamin Bolser, OH (1 &2)
Dr. Sandip Godambe, VA (1)
Dr. Michael Bird, OH (1 & 2)
Dr. Merrilee Cox, OH (1 & 2)
Dr. Nate Goodrich, NE (1)
Dr. Michael Gutzeit, WI (1 & 2)
Dr. David Manthey, IL (1) 
Dr. Susan Nofziger, OH (1)
Dr. Maria Ramundo, OH (1)
Dr. Regina Schoenfeld, NC (1 & 2)
Dr. Jodi Simon, OH (1 & 2)
Dr. Wendy Van Ittersum, OH (1 & 2) 
Dr. Robert Wolford, IL (1) 


Comments from our graduates

“I am not sure what my expectations were, but I can easily say that the program exceeded them. It was more academic, rooted in theory, and detailed than I was expecting.”

“Definitely will be able to use it in multiple domains of work, personally, and as an educator, and also in life in general.”

“It was challenging but not overly. Stretched my mind enough that I was not overwhelmed and felt motivated to continue.”

“The program provided clear information about the basic foundation/principles of critical thinking. It provided me with the information and language necessary to communicate critical thinking processes and techniques. I very much appreciated the opportunity to learn from colleagues who work in a variety of disciplines. I think broad, diverse perspectives enrich learning.”

"I use it (Critical Thinking) every day. In meetings, debriefing, working with staff and learners, and even in my own life decisions."

"I was exposed to many new ideas that I had not considered before. Becoming aware of the biases we have in clinical medicine was very insightful and thought provoking."

Wondering if an online, asynchronous course is for you?

“It was fairly easy to use, great for being available at all times to suit the learner, and very well presented.”

“I think it is extremely time-efficient the delivery of material, concepts, exercises, and community discussion. It definitely helps that I can do it on my own schedule and from anywhere.”

“For time-strapped learners, this is essentially the only way. Presenting the material in different formats was also very useful for me (i.e. video, papers, e-modules). I like the mix! The topic is also very appealing to me, and the fact that we have 'home grown' expertise added to my appreciation of the program.”

"It took any pressure off as you could complete at your own pace. The variety of techniques used to present the material kept it from becoming monotonous."

"It was a good balance of print, video, interactive with feedback quizzes and webinars."