Dr. John E. Campbell Lecture

Attracting distinguished visiting speakers

The Dr. John E. Campbell endowment was established by the members of the Class of 1958, in memory of Dr. Campbell. It's supported by financial contributions made by his family, friends and classmates, and supports an annual lecture in radiology research, in conjunction with the Radiology Research Day

Each year, the Dr. J. E. Campbell Lecture for the Radiology Research Day is presented by a distinguished visiting speaker.

Dr. John E. Campbell

Dr. Campbell completed his medical training at Dalhousie University in 1958 and specialized in diagnostic radiology at the Victoria General Hospital, Halifax, and Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal.

He later took a staff position at the Royal Victoria Hospital where he also coordinated radiology resident and medical student radiology teaching at McGill University. In 1967, he assumed the position of assistant director at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto and 10 years later became the chief of radiology.

He had many professional accomplishments. He was a founding and active member of the Uroradiological Society and served as a member of the society's board of directors.

Dr. Campbell suffered many physical hardships, including two bouts of poliomyelitis. He passed away from cancer in 1984 at age 54.

"To John Campbell, mediocrity was unacceptable;
excellence was his standard."
 - Dr. R. W. McCallum