David Fraser Learning Centre

Resources for knowledge

Since June 23, 1999, our residents have been furthering their education with access to the David B. Fraser Radiology Learning Centre, which supports and develops radiology learning resources within Atlantic Canada and beyond.

The centre consists of a central location at the Victoria General site at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Center (QEII), and three satellite locations at the IWK Health Center, Saint John Regional Health Center and Halifax Infirmary site at the QEII.

Supporting our future

The David B. Fraser Radiology Learning Center was provided by an endowment honouring our department's past head and chief, Dr. David B. Fraser. The endowment's now used to support and maintain the centre.

This endowment was created to recognise and honour Dr. Fraser's contributions to the development of radiology as a leading specialty at Dalhousie University, as well as his role in advancing the practice of radiology.

Dr. David B. Fraser

Dr. Fraser is a leader in cardiovascular imaging with a passion for teaching and a gift for negotiation. During an era in which Canada faced cutbacks, healthcare reform and many other crises, he guided his department through an unending sequence of renovations, equipment acquisitions and the often tenuous relationship between cardiology and radiology.

Throughout his career, Dr. Fraser has been an active volunteer. He served as chairman of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Technical Exhibits Committee and was a member of the RSNA Board of Directors from 1990 - 1997, becoming the society's president in 1998. He worked on the RSNA Research & Education Foundation Board of Trustees, serving as chairman in 2001. 

Dr. Fraser has also been the recipient of a variety of awards and honors, including:

  • a Commemorative Medal for the Queen's Golden Jubilee 
  • a gold medal recipient from the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) 
  • honorary memberships with the Canadian Medical Association and the European Congress of Radiology
  • a fellowship with the American College of Radiology 

Helping hands

We would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to the David B. Fraser Learning Centre:

Robert J. Abraham David C. Acton John C. Allan
Ian H. Anderson John W. Andrew Jose A. Aquino
Lilia Aquino-Reed Brian D. Archer David C. Barnes
Michael H. Barry Blaise W. Baxter Bayer Incorporated
Christian Belcourt Bracco Diagnostics Canada Inc. Terrance E. Brennan
B. St. John Brown Gregory J. Butler Judy S. Caines
Marcel Caissie Clarence M. Campbell D. Robert Campbell
Jean Chalaoui Donald J. Cheverie Chris Church
Cook (Canada) Inc. Moira L. Cooper William H. Covert
J. Michael Daly Cupido Daniels Gerald E. Davis
Rebecca L. Dobson Michael V. Dunn Lisa Ehrlich
Michael B. England H. Daniel Fawcett Darren B. Ferguson
Martin Finnegan Bruce K. Flemming Roger M. Flinn
T. Chen Fong Frank E. Fowlie James D. Fraser
Laszlo A. Fried Larry Gates J. David Gordon
Edward Grantmyre D. Ian Hammond John A. Heelan
Ross Hill Barry B. Hobbs Daniel B. Hoffman
David L. Iles Sian E. Iles J. Robert Jackson
Richard H. James Peter H. Jeffrey Alphonse J. Johnson
Gordon R. Jones Donald W. King D. M. Kooka
Edward Lansdown G. Paul LeBrun Brian C. Lentle
Grant Llewellyn Charles D. Lo G. Edward Lund
Elmer A. MacKenzie Ronald MacLeod C. Lamont MacMillan
J. Stewart MacMillan Marian B. Macken Mallinckrodt Medical Inc.
William J. Maloney Robert H. Martin William F. Mason
George Mawko J. Graham McCleave John O. McNeil
M. Derrick McPhee Robert M. Miller Michael J. Mitchell
George F. Murphy M. Kathleen O’Brien Sharon O’Driscoll
Bryan B. Quinn Richard M. Rankin Michael D. Riding
K. Ian Robb Andrew A. Ross Donald B. Russell
H. Burgess Sabean Michael J. Salgado Gerald H. Schaller
Martin D. Simms Thomas Stuart Lisabeth A. Stuart
D. Lionel Teed Deborah L. Thompson D. Roy Tingley
Robert A. Vandorpe John F. Whelan Desmond G. Woods
Eric R. Woods Derek E. Yeadon