Michael W. Gray

Professor Emeritus


Email: m.w.gray@dal.ca
Phone: 902-494-2521
Mailing Address: 
5850 College Street, Room 9-T2
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building
PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 4R2


  • PhD, University of Alberta
  • FRSC

Academic Positions

  • Department member since 1970
  • Head of Department 2004-2007

Research Topics:

Protist Genomics, Mitochondria, Ribosomes


Mitochondria and Ribosomes: Structure, Function and Evolution

For over four decades, my research program has centered on the origin and evolution of mitochondria and ribosomes, two complex subcellular structures in eukaryotic (nucleus-containing) cells. My group has explored gene evolution in mitochondrial and nuclear DNA of protists (mostly unicellular eukaryotes), and investigated the biochemistry of unique aspects of gene expression in mitochondria, such as RNA editing. Additionally, we have investigated naturally fragmented rRNAs that result from extensive and novel processing of rRNA precursors. The latter project also focused on small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs), which mediate post-transcriptional modification, such as ribose methylation and pseudouridine formation, in rRNA.

Protist Genomics

Currently, I am involved in the analysis and annotation of genome data generated from several different genome sequencing projects focused on protists, including two amoebozoons, Acanthamoeba castellanii and Physarum polycephalum, two nucleomorph-containing algae, Bigelowiella natans and Guillardia theta, and a number of eukaryotic microbes (protists and fungi) selected to explore the origins of multicellularity in animals and fungi (http://www.broadinstitute.org/annotation/genome/multicellularity_project/MultiHome.html).


mitochondria; ribosomes; snoRNA; RNA editing; protists; genomics


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