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Projects Supervised  

Abbass, Allan Outcome research in the areas of depression, personality disorder, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders and brief psychotherapy.
Alda, Martin Clinical and genetic characteristics and predictors of outcome in bipolar disorder.
Bagnell, Alexa
Promoting earlier intervention for mental health disorders in children and youth with a focus on schools and web-based programs.
Bombay, Amy Relationships between historical trauma, contemporary stressor exposure, and stress-related pathology among Indigenous peoples in Canada. 
Calkin, Cindy
Examining the effects of obesity, insulin resistance and type II diabetes on course and outcome in bipolar disorder, including response to lithium and effect on brain changes on neuroimaging.
Cassidy, Keri-Leigh Late life mood and anxiety disorders, psychotherapy including cognitive behavioural therapy, seniors’ mental health promotion, resilience and optimal aging.
Eskes, Gail The impact of brain disease and aging on cognition, particularly attention, memory and executive function, the development of assessment and rehabilitation tools for people with cognitive deficits due to psychiatric or neurological disease.
Gardner, David Improving the safe and effective use of psychiatric medications, providing improved physical health care to people with mental illness, and increasing the capacity of care in the community.
Good, Kimberley   Both behavioral and neuroimaging aspects of   olfaction in patients with early psychosis, the olfactory system in at-risk Parkinson’s Disease, and of substance misuse.
Hajek, Tomas The effects of various clinical variables, including genetic predisposition, illness burden, comorbid metabolic disorders and exposure to medications on brain structure in patients with bipolar disorders.
Lovas, David The psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying medically unexplained physical symptoms, chronic pain, mood and anxiety in children and adolescents, their relationships to other disorders, and their treatment, particularly using mindfulness-based interventions.
Meier, Sandra Mood and anxiety in children and adolescent, eMental Health (apps), treatment outcomes in youth, prevention, social interactions.
Nunes, Abraham Computational modelling of neurons, circuits and cognitive systems to understand the nature of mood disorders; Lithium responsiveness; Machine learning methods for psychiatric research
Pavlova, Barbara Social anxiety disorder, mood-anxiety comorbidity, early intervention, and predictors of outcome in cognitive-behavioral therapy.
Robertson, George Small molecule (drug)- and gene therapy-based approaches to protect the brain from damage by improving mitochondrial performance to prevent neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.
Rusak, Benjamin The impacts of sleep loss on metabolism, cognition, mood, risk of psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, and the role of sleep in learning.
Stewart, Sherry
Personality and psychopathology, implicit cognition, ecological momentary assessment, early intervention, and personalized psychiatry.
Tibbo, Philip Psychosis, including research in the areas of imaging, early phase psychosis, clinical outcomes, co-morbid illness (e.g. addictions), engagement to early intervention services  and sustaining clinical gains on discharge from early intervention services. 
Town, Joel Psychotherapy process and outcome, depression and somatic symptom disorders, emotions and health
Uher, Rudolf
Applied clinical research in psychiatric genetics, early antecedents of mental illness, speech analysis, sleep, brain imaging, artificial intelligence, computational psychiatry, personalized treatment of depression, early intervention and prevention of mental illness in youth. @RudolfUher